Our passion

Nothing (yes, nothing) saddens us quite like dirty, smelly sneakers. Our obsession goes way beyond design and looks. We’re experts in shoe care and all facets of shoes – construction, functionality, varieties of leather, synthetic materials, technical specs. We are here to help you regularly keep your sneakers box fresh with easy-to-use products. In case you lose your way our name will serve as a reminder.

We are Shoe Shame.

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Cleaning guide - Shoe Shame

Cleaning guide

Get fresh sneakers

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Lose the dirt

A perfect fit between technology and nature. Just like that.

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Box fresh technology

Remember that moment when you opened the box and was just overwhelmed by that lovely smell of your new sneakers? Spotless. Stainless. Fresh. Ahhh. We’ll help you relive that moment, again and again and again.

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