Nike Wmns Air Max Jewell: Donated by Kakan Hermansson

The first sneaker box 1 is no less than the aaaamazing and multitalented (artist, hostess, fashion guru, skincare nerd, podcaster etc. etc.) Kakan Hermansson and her Nike’s from the Zara Larsson collaboration.

Kakan has donated her unique Nike Air Max Jewell that she got from the one and only Zara Larsson and Zara’s collaboration with Nike.

The sneakers are pretty special, not only because they are kakan’s old ones, but also because they have her initials printed on them = one of a kind!

Together with the sneakers you also get an Ultimate Sneaker Maintenance kit to clean them yourself. Isn’t that nice?

Size EU 41 (26,5 cm)



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  • Nike Wmns Air Max Jewell
  • KH monogram at tongue
  • Size EU 41 (26,5 cm)
  • Worn by Kakan Hermansson
  • 1 Ultimate sneaker maintenance kit

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