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Shoe protection is necessary

Protect your sneakers to with shoe protection.

Shoe Shame offers two shoe protect sprays designed to protect your shoes in all situations.

Shoe protection

Shoe Shield makes it easier to get rid of stubborn stains and provides an extra protective layer on your shoes, causing water to repel instead of seeping into the shoes.

The two shoe shields are both water-based and PFAS-free. One small difference is that Shoe Shield Rapid contains properties that make it quick-drying, while our regular Shoe Shield is odorless and has a drying time of 24 hours like most waterproofing sprays. But both provide equally good effectiveness.

8 reasons to use Shoe Shame's shoe sheild for your sneakers:

1. Protects against water and moisture.

2. Prevents stains and dirt.

3. Prevents shoes from becoming soaked and ruined.

4. Increases the lifespan of the shoes.

5. Maintains the shoes' original appearance and quality.

6. Preserves the breathability of the shoes.

7. Easy to apply.

8. PFAS-free and water-based, making it environmentally friendly.

Make sure to regularly maintain good protection for your sneakers by using effective waterproofing spray. Want to know how to apply the Shoe Shield properly?

Click here to see how to apply our Shoe Shield spray.
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