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Effective Shoe Cleaning

Shoe cleaning for sneakers that work

It's crucial to have effective shoe cleaning solutions that can remove stubborn stains and dirt when you want to keep your sneakers in top condition. In our range, you'll find water-based cleaners, cleaning gels, sole cleaners, and cleaning wipes that are convenient to carry in your bag. Best of all, these shoe cleaning products work on all materials.

Why do I have to clean my sneakers?

You need to clean your shoes to make them last longer, maintain comfort, and keep unpleasant odors and bacteria at bay. Brush off your shoes and perform a proper sneaker wash with Shoe Shame's cleaning products and enjoy a pair of fresh sneakers. It doesn't have to take long to clean your sneakers; you can choose which product from all the cleaning products you want to use, but make sure to have a regular cleaning routine for your shoes.

Do you want to wash your shoes in a washing machine?

We recommend using cleaning products specifically designed for shoes instead of washing them in a washing machine.

If you wash your shoes in a washing machine, several things can happen:

Material Damage: Some materials, like leather or suede, can be damaged by water and detergent, resulting in distortion, shrinking, or discoloration of the shoes.

Adhesive Disruption: Many shoes are assembled with adhesive, and washing in water can dissolve the adhesive.

Shape Alteration: Some shoes may lose their shape if washed in a washing machine due to water exposure and the force generated by the washing cycle.

Loss of Cushioning: Shoes with built-in cushioning, like running shoes or sports shoes, may lose their shock-absorbing ability if washed in a washing machine.

Damage to the Washing Machine:Hard or sharp parts of the shoes can damage the washing machine, leading to repairs or the need to buy a new machine.

However, if there are stubborn stains where you must wash the shoes in the washing machine, our salespersons recommend washing the shoes in a laundry bag and not exceeding 30 degrees.

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